The Province of Salerno is a combination of unique emotions. It is the beauty of the coast. It is the charm of an ancient history. It is the scent of an unspoiled environment. For all these reasons, it seduces and conquers the visitor’s heart upon each new entry into its territory. It takes very little to discover its magic.

The Apennines, certified natural monuments, frame a setting of soft sea breezes, small bays and coves, a pristine coast, streams lined by green forests, picturesque villages, places of a distant past, ancient traditions, and things still made with TLC.

If the appeal of the coast captures the world’s attention, the inland terrain conquers the soul of those that go in search of it.

The marvelous littoral – made up of beaches, cliffs and enchanting caves, and facing a sea that is a kaleidoscope of colors – prepares the visitor for the splendor of the interior.

The Sarno River traverses green valleys with the Picentini and Lattari Mountains hovering overhead, while landscapes are drawn by the geometric cultivations of intensely-red San Marzano tomatoes. This is a welcoming land marked by enticing flavors and smells, by peace and quiet, all the while recounting its history through palaces, churches and castles, popular traditions and cultural events.

And when you arrive in Cilento, you’ll know it. Sheer cliffs, caves and caverns, white beaches, maquis and a multi-colored sea: such is the Cilento Coast, stretching from Agropoli to Sapri and passing through many picturesque villages that are filled with history.

Driving inland, the visitor enters the heart of the National Park, a natural treasure where the green of the oak, maple, ash and chestnut forests becomes more intense and, on the mountains, gives way to tall beech forests. It is a world of contrasts, nonetheless linked one to the other by the harmony of this incomparably beautiful environment.

Memories of a visit here continue to echo in the heart long after leaving.