Marche: all of Italy in one region

180 km of coastline, with beaches of fine sand, pebbles or rock
16 blue flags
26 localities on the Adriatic
1 commercial port
9 leisure ports
1 airport
27 villages on the “Italy’s most beautiful villages” list
500 squares
Over 1000 monuments
Over 100 towns of art
Thousands of churches (including 200 Romanic) and 183 sanctuaries
34 archaeological sites
72 historical theatres
342 museums and art galleries
315 libraries
2 national parks
4 regional parks
5 nature reserves


There are many excellent reasons for living or holidaying in Marche, a truly surprising region that has maintained a “different” atmosphere built on tradition and respect for the past, a region with the ability to surprise and charm.

Marche is flanked by a blue sea and beaches that stretch into the distance, dotted with a hundred towns and villages, and enriched by a hundred landscapes and dishes.

Choose whichever you want; here, beauty is everywhere.

Make a permanent or temporary home on a hillside cloaked in olive groves, vineyards, sunflowers and lavender, a stone’s throw from ancient walled villages overlooking historical territories, or come to the seaside and be spoiled for choice of fine sand, pebble and rocky beaches lined by cliffs and palm trees.

FIAIP MARCHE is waiting for you with a network of 300 estate agents to find exactly the right property for your needs and to assist you with everything from purchasing to refurbishing, with the competence, professionalism and courtesy typical of Marche people!

Welcome to Marche!