Welcome to our Ferrara land, a very particular territory where nature, art and history exist together today as in the past centuries.

Ferrara is a Renaissance city with a middle-age heart and offers you a spectacular visit, starting from its imposing castle to elegant buildings like the famous Diamond’s Palace, the Ducal Palace on the homonymous Square, the Hebrew ghetto, the magnificent Cathedral and the unusual Ariostea Square where every year is disputed the ancient quarters’ competition. Everything in the city suggests the ancient Este’s Dukes, starting from the town-planning order they decided to apply, to the “delizie”, the palaces where the Court enjoyed, both in the city, the Schifanoia’s Palace, and in the surrounding country, the Verginese, Belriguardo and Mesola’s castle. These places also recall the innumerable artists, poets and painters, that the Este’s family liked to surround themselves.

Beside the Mesola’s castle is the a ncient Este’s hunting preserve, the Mesola’s Big Wood (Boscone di Mesola), which is now a natural reserve populated by many different species of wild animals. Close to it we meet the millennial Pomposa’s Abbey, a charming place where the Monk Guido invented the modern musical notes. Then there is the Adriatic Sea and Comacchio, a very impressive city built on some islands, its beaches, perfect for holidays, and its surrounding lagoon, formed by water, strips of land and channels, a natural habitat for various species. This is a very particular territory under a naturalistic point of view, you can discover them by visiting the ancient guardian houses, the salt-works, where many bird species nest and among them the splendid flamingo. This is the ideal place for a slow tourism.

The queen of the Comacchio’s lagoon is the eel, a local traditional dish, just one of the tipical various rich dishes of this land based on sea and lagoon fish, Other specialities are the unmistakable Ferrara’s bread called “ciupèta”, pumpkin’s cappellacci, salamina da sugo, the Sand’s wine, the juicy melons, the list just continues on and on, so we invite you to come and taste…