Here, a magical and exhilarating atmosphere is traced by itineraries that journey into the heart of the city, accompanied by art, history and nature, and savoring the traditional flavors and folkloric traditions.

Caserta Province surprises for its parks, reserves and protected areas, where a peaceful and tranquil environment warmly welcomes the visitor.

The Volturno River runs through the ample plain, with the Matese Mountain constituting the regional confine with Molise, and the extinct Roccamonfina Volcano that borders with Lazio.

Orchards, vineyards and olive groves embellish the landscape of this beautiful land, the abundance of which the Romans appreciated, calling it Campania Felix (happy country). Fine-sand beaches, protected by green-pine forests and lapped by the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea, make up the coastal landscape that overlooks the Gulf of Gaeta.

History greets the visitor on every corner: Medieval villages, churches and cathedrals, architecture from the Roman era have all observed the passage of ancient civilizations.

This terrain surprises for the creativity of its people, for its tumult of bright colors, dances and songs echoing from the piazzas of small towns in joyous and frequent celebration.

A walk with the local people enhances the senses, providing the visitor with a precious legacy, composed of flavors and aromas that lift the spirit and soothe the heart.

A mild climate, favored by the protection of the Campanian Apennine range to the east, and the sea to the west, makes the stay pleasurable all year round.