An aura of history permeates the ancient land of the Samnites, named Beneventum by the Romans, who first colonized it. It is a Province filled with history, archaeological sites and marvelous landscapes, and it surprises for its atmosphere of composed mysticism that has always characterized it. Entering it is akin to blurring the confines of present and past, and means discovering the folkloric and gastronomic traditions that root themselves in distant history.

The Province of Benevento, with its silence and sensations that only a pristine environment could offer, is the ideal destination to spend a relaxing vacation along charming itineraries, in discovery of a slower-paced world, far-removed from the frenzy of the cities.

It is a journey to discover the now-forgotten world of the Samnites, the Romans and the Longobards that, in a distant past, inhabited the same mountains, woods, pastures, springs and lakes that meet the visitor’s eye.

These are places of pure beauty, impossible to forget, that mark one’s heart and mind with their most concealed yet truest secret – that of the farming and pastoral culture still defined by tradition, by this land that has always been cultivated with passion, by artisan knowledge and skills, folk beliefs, and a cultural heritage passed down from generation to generation.